We Call It Yin Teacher Training, Because That’s What You’ll Be Prepared To Do:TEACH.


But It’s Really Something Different. Something More.


It’s personal investigation… where you will create a deep and lasting relationship with yourself build on honest and clear seeing supported by self-love, compassion and respect so that you can hold that space for others to know themselves intimately, deeply, clearly. 


Delve deeper into the theory and practice of Yin Yoga. In each session of this 100 hour training we will practice a series of Yin postures, so we can explore and feel the effects of the pose on our physical and energetic bodies, while covering benefits, anatomy, contraindications, modifications, and teaching tips for each pose.


Each bi-weekly weekend Yin session will also embody a different approach to sequencing. In addition, over the span of two months we’ll explore the anatomy of the physical and energetic body and how Yin Yoga transforms us on all levels. With a deep experiential understanding of Yin Yoga, you will feel confident to create a home practice and teach inspiring, transformative, and healing Yin Yoga classes.   

Yin 100 hour certification

SO what is Yin Yoga?


Our curriculum:


Yoga Alliance does not have a category to cover YIN training, but having worked with their standards for more than a decade, the Purple Lotus Yoga curriculum honors their outlines and learning matrixes. 




Serving North Texas

Sessions are conducted by Shannon Caldwell and Stephen Bison.

All training is currently conducted at Alternative Yoga Therapies,

2235 W. 15th Street, Plano (NW corner of 15th & Custer).


For more information regarding our studio home, click on the Alternative Yoga Therapies, link.





Yin #1 - April 8-9

• Yin #2 - May 6-7

• Yin #3 - June 3-4

• Yin #4 - June 24-25









$900 (PIF) // $500 (2-pay, due at 1st and 3rd module)


A $100 non-refundable deposit is required and does not apply toward the total tuition listed. Deposit covers administrative fees and vary by location and training. Make 


Registration and deposit must be received to be considered enrolled in training. Registration can be completed by following the link at the top right. Once your registration is received, an invoice for your deposit will be sent.


Approximate cost for the required books and/or DVDs is $100. 


Classes at Alternative Yoga Therapies are $5/class for Purple Lotus Yoga teachers-in-training.

Participants earning a certificate of completion for YIN can count the hours toward Purple Lotus Yoga 300-Hour training should they choose to continue their training at a later date.


  • Techniques, Practice & Teaching: Deepen your own understanding while learning how to teach these essentials to others.
  • Breakdown of traditional (and a few non-traditional) YIN asanas including alignment and modifications. Includes lecture, demonstration, personal exploration and outside homework.
  • Complementary breathing/pranayama techniques to enhance a YIN practice as well as the physiological, mental and emotional benefits of the breathing practices.
  • Meditation is the art of stillness and quiet. Learn about the benefits and various methods for meditation including relaxation, guided imagery, and mantras.
  • Methods of a Teacher: Learn teaching techniques culminated from a decade+ of experience (and mistakes).
  • Structure & sequence as well as lesson plans and creating trust-filled environments.
  • Hands-on assists to help participants maximize the benefits of asanas.


  • Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle: Study the rich and ancient history of this self-realization practice.
  • Basic history of YIN and primary teachers who brought about its popularity
  • The Daosit versus Vedic practice of YIN
  • Yamas and niyamas as well as the five kleshas
  • Yin and Yang
  • Anatomy & Physiology: Study the physical and energetic anatomy of the human body.
  • The Eastern tradition of chakras, the seven major energy centers of the body.
  • The meridian system and how they connect through the body
  • Muscles and fascia of the body
  • Compression and tension and the fourteen joint segments of the body.
  • Additional certification requirements:
  • Observation and teaching of YIN classes
  • Outside homework

Tickle Your

inner buddha

Taking the time for deep restoration, relaxed breathing and regeneration of the heart, body and mind cannot be underestimated.


We all live very stressful lives. A commited Yin practice gives you the opportunity to experience an extraordinary clearing and unblocking of energy, negative emotions and disruptive mental patterns. Equilibrium, softness and expansion are effects which last long after class has ended.


A Strong lineage of Crazy good teachers started here


If you’ve taken yoga in any north Texas yoga studio, chances are good you’ve taken from a Purple Lotus trained teacher.


Purple Lotus is the second oldest Yoga Alliance approved program in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. For 13 years, Purple Lotus has been educating and certifying teachers, many of whom have gone on to start their own studios, teacher training programs and other yoga related businesses.

Yin yoga is a CRAZE that is  taking over the world!


Okay it’s not that COLOSSAL, but the number of people falling in love with Yin?  


Well;— Yin increases every day.




Perhaps it’s because that its is a craving of the qualities within a Yin Practice.


    • Stillness

    • Simplicity

    • Self-inquiry

    • Being present 


Of course you get an 'OM'azing stretch, but is it the internal qualities of a Yin practice that keeps us coming back?


The impact yoga has on our life is so much more than just having great "MAT time. 


If we’re lucky we practice for an hour every day? That’s about 4% of our lives, so what about the other 96%? 


How do we live lightly, joyfully, and consciously as we can? By taking our yoga off the mat and into our daily lives.


TakeYour Practice Off the Mat and teach


  • This is when we’re making choices and decisions that can enhance — or undermine — our wellbeing.
  • This is when we’re using our creative energy to feel fulfilled and make a difference in other peoples’ lives.
  • This is when we’re taking part in meaningful relationships with people we’ve chosen to share our journey with.



With a sustained Yin practice brings mindfulness, on and off the mat. It begins as pure physical enjoyment of being able to fully relax into your deepest edge, then this practice transforms into being able to live life in each moment fully present. Little by little you will notice yourself being more grounded and mindful with the most hectic events in your life.

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